My name is Alan Bloom and I am a professor of film and video production at California State University, Los Angeles and I am a film and video writer, producer and director. I have an "official" home page at Calstate LA as well as a selection of links that I would like to share with you. I have been on the faculty here since 1981 and I have been a university professor for the last 35 years.


As a director, producer and/or writer I have made more than 300 films and video tapes in the last 43 years. During the last three decades my work has been primarily documentaries and music videos. Through the documentaries I can explore things of interest to me (usually socio-political issues or developments in film and video production), the music videos allow me to have some fun with the medium while I set aesthetic challenges for myself.

I love collaboration. I look at my crew as well as the subject and/or performing artist as a partner in this process. I have been fortunate to have worked with some wonderful artists. Pictured above and left are John Wesley Harding and Bobby McFerrin from music videos that I directed for them. Some of the other artists that I have worked with recently include the BoDeans, Kristin Hersh and BiGod 20 (all shown below.)

 In my videos I focus on the quality of performance and a use of dreamlike spaces.




Color and visual texture have always interested me.


In addition to my other projects I also create public service campaigns promoting causes ranging from staying in school and becoming a teacher to careers in health.


I integrate my production with my teaching. My crews are almost always made up of at least 80% students and former students. In this way I provide my advanced students with real world opportunities while at the same time giving them an opportunity to begin networking with professionals and former students in the field.

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 A good deal of my work is available on video cassette or laserdisc. Three of my music videos for John Wesley Harding are available on his laserdisc, Pocket Full Of Miracles, and my video, Opportunity, for Bobby McFerrin is avaiilable on iTunes. I was Head Writer and Co-producer on this recent documentary about computer animation,Computer Visions. In addition to cassette it was also available from Voyager on laserdisc as Dream Machine Volume Three: Computer Visions. My production company, Z-Axis Entertainment's, fourth installment in this series, Computer Illusions, is currently in release.


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