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At last, the world's first Internet Crossword which makes you learn how to use search tools. Plus, you can win prizes, just by solving a crossword. Forget searching countless dictionaries and being rewarded with only satisfaction. WebCross's exclusive technique lets you find answers on the web.

Never solved a Crossword before? Well, don't look through dictionaries for the answer. WebCross tells you where to search and for what. So you can go straight to the answer without having to flip a page. It makes it a snap to get answers to your crossword to fill it in.

In each box, enter the letter you think fits in the crossword. When you're done, type up the question number and the answer for each clue and e-mail it to me at czty16c@prodigy.com. Subject: Answers for Sample Crossword. Example

Sample Crossword

Some crosswords may have a submittable form, the sample crossword does not.

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