This is just plain weird because I haven't updated this page in how many months? I know it was before the new year because I still had Christmas pictures up...but aren't you glad that I changed a few things?

  If you do not know me, I am 18, straight (relieved?), 5'10", and I have brown hair and blue eyes, and I LOVE PICKLES!!
  And people have wondered where I live... um... Well, currently I live the a state. The state of denial. hahahahahahah! I'm so clever! *sigh* Anywho, I live in Williamsville, New York. Which is outside of Buffalo, the armpit of New York. Yum. email me!!

Click HERE to see few things about me! (because I'm sure you are sooooo interested to know things about me...) Or, you could click HERE for just some random things you wouldn't see anywhere else!


Click on the clown to be able to
hear the song I am composing.
It is in the process of being created,
but I'll update it as I write more!
So far some people thinks it sounds
kinda like a carnival... so I think
the clown is a nice touch!
And the clown IS ME!
And I'm sure you all know how crappy
MIDI is,so just bear with me...

I have no idea what this music is, but I like it, so enjoy, or be uncool!!

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If you like pickles, and want to download a great game for your computer, click on the dangerous looking pickle below!

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And what about the LOVE TEST!! I am an Aquarius... so you tell me how we are matched!

I'm sure many of you here aren't very fluent in Ebonics. So why don't you type something that you would say into the window below, and behold, it will translate whatever you say into flawless Ebonics! Try it! And you can thank our friends at www.AtlantaGA.com for the help!

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And people have recieved a wedgie!!

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I am proud to be


Are you?

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