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Welcome to our home on The Web. Yes, we really are Danny and Danni. I am a Police Paramedic with the Nassau County Police Department (Long Island, NY) and my wife co-owns the Danlette Agency.

I am also an Ex-Captain/Firefighter/Paramedic with the Oceanside Volunteer Fire Department in the rescue company (Oceanside Rescue Co. #1). We have 2 ambulances (242 & 242A) and a heavy rescue truck (245).


Attention: Patch Collectors



(Note: I do NOT collect stock eagles {except rare o/s ones}. Please do not send any, they will be discarded and the trade will be VOID. All patches are to be NEW unless disclosed and agreed upon in advance. Also: No reproductions, they will be destroyed.)

Our family dog, Simba, is an Akita Inu. He weighs in at 140 pounds and stands nearly 6 feet tall when on his hind legs! Simba is the proverbial gentle giant and is always very friendly ... as long as he doesn't perceive the need to 'protect' his family. Simba passed away recently may he R.I.P.


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Member of the NRA and Proud of it!!


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