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The site to find MIDIs of Country songs you've probably never heard before..... but just may someday.

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Hi! I'm Gregg Boethin, and I'm a newly published BMI Country Songwriter.

I created this site so that Country Music fans and MIDI lovers could listen to some pretty good sounding MIDIs of my songs. Most of these songs have lyrics, and are also posted on this page. A few of these songs have won
awards, and are definitely worth listening to.

Feel free to download any of these songs.
Also feel free to use any of these songs in your MIDI collection or on your own web page, but please give me credit as the composer and sequencer.

The song you are hearing now is
"Don't Let It Be The End of You", written and sequenced by Gregg Boethin.

Enjoy yourself while you're here. Come back often to hear new songs.
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Gregg Boethin
(Feel free to email me by clicking on my name here)
This site was created May 25, 1999 by Gregg Boethin.