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A Life of Arts & Technology
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A Life of Arts & Technology

Previously known as 'Love Is A Web', this site has been changed to 'A Life of Arts & Technology' on 19th Jan 2000 to better reflect the content of this site.

While 'Love Is A Web' was built in 96 when I was still in college, idled when I started work, and just resurrected recently, there're more things that I'd like to add to the site. "Love Is A Web' concentrated on poems and the arts, which I enjoy. I would like to add on technology issues, especially Information Technology which has been the main focus of my job. The bulk of that will be on programming in Visual Basic (VB) which remains my favourite programming language.

And so the resurrection continues...

The main themes of this website are

Please email me if you would like to be my friend, or if you have any comments ( maybe a spelling error??? ) and suggestions. Thanks.

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