july 2000

life just seems to twist into this untangled mess that i can never unravel.  one of my closest friends just left for california ... to move back home and i just wanted to push her away.  because i know she has her friends up there now.  pushing away, so it wouldn't hurt me and i ended up hurting her.  *sigh*  i hurt the people i love and care about the most.  i hate that.  my life is headed for a question mark.  i don't know how i'm going to support myself in the upcoming months. *sigh*  i got two jobs, but that's not going to be enough.  and, if i don't pass english 100 then there goes the $400 dollars i plunked down for it.  july 27, 2000 .. i'm sitting down in front of a computer writing my depressive thoughts while leaving life for a little joyride on the world wide web and capturing the essence of it all on this little dinky homepage i'm creating.  my lord, what have i come to?  well, teresa or maria --- if you are reading this, then "hello."  I think life sucks.  dayam, this homepage sucks.  i miss you guys and I miss happiness.  *sigh*
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