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Brief Transformer History..
I am Optimus Primal (tmo), once known as Optimus Prime. During the first generation of transformers, I was an 18 Wheeler Semi. During the Second Generation I appeared as a Semi as well. For centuries there has been peace on my home world of cybertron. Now, the decepticons, now called predacons, are at it again, and we, the decendants of the autobots, now called maximals, are now on a new battle field. No longer cars, and planes, but now beasts.
I am Optimus Primal...Leader of the Maximals welcome to the...

Transformer Generation 3:
Beast Wars!!!!!!

Optimus Primal-The Normal Personality...From Big Metal Gorilla to Robot...dont worry I am a nice...sometimes...
The Mighty One-I will Always be The Mighty One...Even When not in a good mood
Dark Primal-Don't Even Mess With Me. Trust Me I am NOT in the mood

Who Is This Mighty One


The Beast Wars!
Stories by yours truely, but fiction or reality?

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