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Rendered by Alan Lehman from equations in the book:

Symmetry in Chaos

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Old and New

I'm going to weed out my least favorite images and replace the rest with slighty higher resolution images. I might actually get around to making some desktop patterns and posting them too.


Back to straight .jpgs

Since I'm having some problems with MIME types I've gone back to just having .jpgs on the Symmetric Icons Page. Formerly I had used .sit compression because it allowed me to preserve file types and icons. However, .sit files don't download properly from some servers.


More Symmetric Icons! Higher Resolution!

Asute viewers will notice the presence of two ad banners now. It's a compromise that allows me to post more MacOS Desktop Pictures at higher resolutions. This time they are high instead of low resolution. The new ones are available above the originals. Let me know if you see a difference in quality.


More Hexagonal Quilts! Higher Resolution!

As a compromise between adding new MacOS Desktop Pictures and upping the resolution of exisiting patterns, I've decided not to alter the resolution and size of the original patterns. Instead I'll just upload the new ones at higher resolution. Take a look at the nine new patterns and let me know what you think.

My current favorite links.


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Some Compression Details

These images on my pages are all JPEG compressed which allows for a trade off between the compression and the loss of fine detail. In the image below (a magnification of Waltz.jpg), there is a fair bit of loss of detail from the image on the left compared to the image on the right but also a corresponding reduction in size. The image on the left requires more than ten times the disk space (2300kb vs. 197kb) than the image on the right. If I had infinite space I'd post everything with no loss of detail but I don't have that luxury. If you want a larger image with less loss of detail let me know.

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