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Minnesota Handball Page 21st Point Me
US Handball Association Page Supreme Court I Kang
Ireland Colonial Hills
Racquetball Club
FIBAT (Finland) [Elect. Buis.] Ben & Chet
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Inner City Handball Assoc. Enter Your
Hanball Link Here!
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Ben & Chet
in Orlando
Southwest Missouri State University Handball View Other
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Ben I Know.
Oley Jane

? I use the ever popular, Farmer Brown Handball Gloves (one size fits none)?
Send your reasonable handball information and announcements to guy.shovlin@analog.com and Iíll post them here in a few days.

A Microsoft Word 7.0 email text formatting macro

This is a Microsoft Word Macro that I made for slaughtering formatted text documents into plain but reproducible email text. The macro will remove most > signs and extra blanks on the left hand margin of the document. It also squishes the line lengths down to about 4 inches, places all text in New Courier format and places an end of paragraph character at the end of each line. Therefore what you email out is probably what the person on the other end sees when they open up the mail. Some instructions are written on the top of the macro to help you install and use it.

If you use it and like it please email me at:

If you don't like it - tell me where you can get something better.

My favorite sites are listed here more for my records than to entertain you.
But if you're curious and bored,here they are:

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