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Last Updated on
Jan. 11, 2004

Keith A. Bishop

I guess it's about time I updated my Website. Been here since almost the beginning of Geocities. I Guess I should give a little bit of info about myself. I'm 30 and I graduated 7 years ago from Mansfield University For the first year out of school, I tried to start up my own business with a friend but he got a good job in Atlanta and I was offered a Job Network Integration Firm, in N.J. After a year and a half there, I moved on to Altech Investment group, managing and troubleshooting their Wide Area Network. A little over 4 years ago I was given the opportunity to manage a group of Programmers working for a Dot.Com that unfrotunately ended up like every other Dot.Com. Since then I havce been Freelancing on my own doing Networking, building PC's and Custom Websites. To See what I have been doing in my Free Time, Check out My Vacation Photos. Well, That is what I have been up to. View my Resume(PDF), Send Me an E-mail or Sign my Guest Book and I'll get back to you.