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Your comments on these topics are appreciated -- Jim

Cooncat, my new storefront, is now up and running with a limited selection. Please visit often, as I will be updating it continuously as of June 20th.

During the course of developing Cooncat, I've had to attempt to master Javascript. I'm using this second language of the web to develop a database that will generate my web pages. If you're interested in following my building process, check out Jim's Javascript Journal.

Don't quit your day job, part II I'm was working as an editor at a legal publishing house, Weil Publishing. I ended up back home, however, which gives me more time on the web! I probably should have taken my own advice, but we'll see how it works out. Anyway, I'll be able to provide a better web page for you to read now. I hope to keep this updated weekly.

My friend and consulting client Bob Howe has commissioned me to create some sample pages for the Manufactured Housing Association of Maine . Keep in mind that the content of these pages is pure fiction, but I'd like your input on the design. Association members, I'd especially like to hear from you on what you do and don't like, as well as what else would be nice to have on your pages.

Desert Storm Syndrome. A shout goes out to any of my old army buddies dropping by. Write me and tell me what's up!

Can you help me find this?

Deals where I can put up stuff to sell on Cooncat! For right now, I can't accept money directly from the customer. But I'll be more than happy to promote goods and services for a percentage! Just send me an email if you hear of anything.

Good CGI scripts (in Perl) needed! I'm building my sites as fast as I can, and if you know of any programs that can do what I need, please let me know. I just haven't had time to wade through the Internet to search for them all.

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Maine Cooncat, unique gifts from my home area.

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