7 Dec. 2000

I come back here !

Try my SNMP ActiveX Control

Try my Free Packet Capture Tool Release 2 for NT (New 7 Dec 2000 - FreeCap English Version - now running under Windows2000 / sorry my mispackaging)

Try my Free Packet Capture Tool for NT (old version)

NCapDD/MacCap Driver Source files Update (13 May 2000)

  1. Fixed Windows2000 Blue Screen Issue
  2. Fixed Memory Leak with MacMonitor with no DataEvent issue.

SNMP Control's Guage bug fixed !

FreePeek Source
FreePeek is another implementation of FreeCap, but I don't want to translate into English.

Tue May 15 01:22:50 LMT 2001

Are you interested with Yet Anoether ActiveScript Language ?

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