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Command and Conquer

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If you're gonna go to war you'd
better know the basics:
Sun Tzu's Art of War
Murphy's Laws of Combat

Command and Conquer is the coolest War game around. It is the best real-time strategy game you'll ever find on the market. Like Warcraft 2, There are two sides to the game. But unlike Warcraft, C&C's two sides don't have units that have equivalents on the other side to balance the game. C&C uses different types of units but puts advantages and disadvantages to the unit which balances the whole game! Which makes the game unpredictably thrilling. So, the bottom line is If you want the best in thrilling, exciting, fast-paced, action-packed strategy games than get Command and Conquer!!!

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Due to popular demand (through my forms), I've got....


Money Editor V1.3Level Selector V1.3 Unit Editor V1.5 Scenario Editor
Patch 1.08 Patch 1.18 Patch 1.19 Artificial Intelegence Editor

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