Blossom's Page

(Also known as Chandra)

My fiance Lee got this sight for me, I guess he thought I would become a computer nut like him. You should check out some of the pages he has done (or is working on), so click here:
Lee's page. Check this one out for the NSU Track Team.
Lee's second page.
Lee's third page.

Soon to be my resume.

My picture pages.

This is Lee.
My best friends.
Click here to see my dog Pepsi and some other dogs.
Want to see my gt bike?

Some sites that I like to go to once in a while.

GT Bicycles
Kim Anderson Collectibles
DC Talk
Christian Music
CCM Music
Intervarsity page done by Eric Carlson
Chicago Bulls
Days Page
The Honda homepage.
The Toyota homepage.
The Cadillac homepage.
Raymond James Financial page.
Investment Management & Research page.
The NBA.
The new WNBA.
Martha Stewart's new page.

If you have any comments or suggestions, let me know at either one of these: